Identity is a problem we need to solve

  • Why are identity interfaces so poor?

  • Why can’t we have standard identity processes, like payments?

  • Why can’t we have simple identity processes that work with organizations that do not know us?

Current thinking will not answer these questions, nor will a new gee-whiz technology. This newsletter presents a radically different way of thinking in a journey through

  1. the fundamentals of identity

  2. a framework of Identity development stages

  3. an explanation of Identity 2.5 and its importance

  4. a series of topical newsletters after establishing 1-3 above

This newsletter is designed for anyone interested in Identity, from experts to everyday users of identity.

Why me?

I have a long history in IT and strategy, going back to leading the development of the first internet banking site outside the USA in 1997.

Since then, I have been involved with a series of industry initiatives that have led me to reconsider the very basis of identity and I have developed my own Identity IP that I share in these Substack newsletters.

My publishing rhythm

My initial newsletters are twice a week as I establish my starting position.

After that, I’ll aim to publish once a week on topical issues with the occasional special edition for any interesting breaking news.

Will I charge?

Not initially. My success will be highly dependent on my ability to convince you that my analysis of identity is not only justifiable, but also useful! Once established I may start developing privileged content, but that is for the future to determine.

Please participate

Identity is a wild west currently, so robust discussion is not only encouraged, it is essential. Please sign up and I welcome all comments both constructive and destructive!



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